How To Interview A Real Estate Agent

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How to choose the Realtor right for you.

Finding the best realtor to work with you on a home purchase is essential to making it a smooth and stress-free process. The problem is that most people don’t know what questions they should ask. To ensure you make an informed decision, we highly suggest one of two options:

One, you can use a Savvy Homebuyer Agent. These real estate agents are fully vetted and interviewed on your behalf. Our Savvy Homebuyer team has verified these agents offer exemplary service and are experts in their area. To be connected please complete this quick questionnaire:

Or two, you can learn how to interview a real estate agent. It is extremely important to ask your potential realtor the right questions that will give confidence in their guidance.

What to ask when interviewing your potential agent:

Determine your potential agent’s activity level

There are a number of reasons you want to know how many houses your agent sells in 1 year. First, in the world of real estate being licensed a long time does not mean that you have sold a lot of houses. Meaning, 20% of the agents sell 80% of the home in the country (roughly). Some agents have been selling 2-3 houses a year for a decade. While other agents may be licensed for a much shorter time, in that time they have been selling 2-3 homes a MONTH.

By evaluating their current home sales volume you can gauge their knowledge of the current real estate market.

Asses the Realtor’s experience with your specific loan product

Not all loan products are the same. Some agents work a lot with specific loan programs like the 0% USDA Home Loan or VA Home Loan. While others have only ever worked with conventional financing. Ask about your realtor’s experience working with your specific loan product. In fact, I would ask how many of that types of loans they have worked with in the last year. It is important to note that an agent’s knowledge of your loan type can prevent potential hurdles during closing and make for a smoother home-buying experience.

Find out about homebuyer benefits

Ask about any homebuyer benefits offered by your potential realtor. For example, will they provide access to off-market properties or do they have personal relationships with new construction developments? These types of connections can give you an edge when searching for your ideal home.

What services does the agent offer that will ensure a stress-free home buying experience

It is important to find out about what services the realtor offers to facilitate a smooth homebuying journey. Do they provide virtual house hunting? Can they offer you a remote closing? Do they offer electronic signatures? All of these services can help make the home-buying experience more enjoyable!

Interviewing a real estate agent this harder than it looks

In conclusion, hopefully, this helps you realize that there is more to interviewing real estate agents than you originally thought. If you don’t have industry knowledge or aren’t comfortable assessing the expertise or professionalism of your potential agent, we got you covered! Just submit our request to connect from HERE and our team will connect you with our filled vetted and verified expert in your area. Knowing what questions to ask is essential to hire a knowledgeable agent who will provide great service. Hope this helps – Happy house hunting!

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